The AOL Networks Blog Group and AOL inspiring conversations at the Seattle Interactive Conference

11/07/12 Group and AOL inspiring conversations at the Seattle Interactive Conference


The second annual Seattle Interactive Conference was attended by over 2,000 digital media professionals, developers, and entrepreneurs this past week. The two day event included presentations, panels and networking opportunities to explore disruptive technologies, brainstorm with peers, and learn from industry visionaries.

AOL and the Group had a huge presence throughout the event with five speakers on various topics covering mobile, digital journalism, digital trends, and the non-reserved landscape. Interviews with 13 conference speakers were also filmed on site by StudioNow during the event.


Tom Kelly, Regional Sales Director of, moderated the panel “Navigating the Modern Digital Landscape” and was joined on stage by Karyn Johnson, VP Digital Group Media Director of Optimedia, and Matt McVicker, Media Manager of T-Mobile. The session focused on how an advertiser and an agency can work together to accomplish branding and performance goals in the current complex digital landscape. Discussions focused on tools and strategies used to capture and retain customers by leveraging DMPs, networks, agency trading desks, audience buying, and attribution modeling.

Processess and challenges around creating an insightful and actionable attribution model was of particular interest to the panelists and the audience. It is clear that measuring and attributing value to each touch point in the various stages of the purchase funnel is still an enormous obstacle. Measurement variables differ for each company and every product andit takes a great deal of data, technology, coordination, and collaboration to properly analyze and take action on the resulting insights. As digital media becomes more multifaceted, successful media partners to marketers will need to be consultative, remain nimble, and provide scalable solutions to help solve the unique challenges of each brand.

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