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Industry's brightest minds gather for 2nd Annual West Coast Thought Leadership Summit


Industry's brightest minds gather for 2nd Annual West Coast Thought Leadership Summit

Last week, hosted the 2nd Annual West Coast Thought Leadership Summit in Palo Alto, CA, gathering agencies and marketers to discuss key trends and challenges in the non-reserved digital ad space and to develop prospective solutions and revolutionary thinking to drive success. Hosted by West region Network Sales Director, Tom Kelly with 35 active participants across, AOLers and key clients in attendance. The event is part of a series of Thought Leadership Summits held in the West, Central and East regions, where clients proactively structure the agenda and determine the discussion topics.

Industry legend, David Bell kicked off the summit with an entertaining presentation on lessons learned and industry predictions. Don Kennedy, SVP of Sales, followed with an introduction of before attendees circulated between six client-led roundtable discussions. The sessions provided an intimate opportunity for our clients to share their success stories, key learnings, and business pain points. Engaging conversations flowed throughout as attendees spoke openly on what keeps them up at night, sharing learnings with each other about hot topics such as attribution modeling, mobile advertising, and data management platforms.

There were several recurring themes touched upon, including: 

  • Mobile advertising is still in its infancy as marketers try to figure out the best way to leverage the platform, engage consumers, and measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Attribution modeling is still a major challenge. Clients are utilizing multiple systems and platforms, making it difficult to efficiently and effectively implement change, or make sense of the data and results.
  • Consolidating and finding key media partners they can trust provides human capital efficiencies and cost savings.

Ned Brody, CEO of Group, closed the summit by sharing Group’s mission to simplify the digital landscape for advertisers and publishers alike. With a fully integrated technology stack across platforms, Group is poised to be the solution for many of issues raised during the summit.
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