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Post-CES Predictions for 2013


Post-CES Predictions for 2013

After spending the past few days in Vegas for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, a few unexpected and exciting ad tech trends for 2013 were apparent.

Across the board it appears that brands, agencies and publishers alike are embracing [ad] tech at an impressive new level. Our clients are asking for game-changing innovation at a faster clip than I’ve seen in recent years.

A key example of this rate of innovation comes as news from one of our senior telecomm brand clients stating that they have asked creative teams to spend time on programmatic performance data. Creatives + performance data? You can envision the jaws dropping throughout the room. But today’s creatives – at least the smart ones - embrace both the art and science of digital marketing.

If I could sum it up, there was a theme of having your cake and eating it too. And there are a few key ways in which we are seeing this theme play out:

1. Cross-Platform

Sure we’ve seen cross-platform buys gain momentum in recent quarters, but this was the first time I’ve heard so many brand and creative leads demand display + mobile + tablet reach, augmented by advanced targeting & creative optimization. This time next year, I predict we’ll see big gains in cross-platform and will be talking about entirely new models of integrated data and campaign planning, management & measurement.

2 & 3. Programmatic AND Premium

The industry advanced quite a bit in 2012, and the buzz around programmatic buying and selling has never been hotter. As another example of having the best of both worlds, it seems the more efficient we get at driving performance at scale, the more clients lean in to premium and video. The result is what I like to call the ‘new perfect harmony’: high-performing [programmatic] algorithm + exclusive, top tier inventory + formats with explosive creativity.

4. Branded Content Creation aka Native Advertising

Coke and Pepsi’s Q4 move towards editorial-style site content and branded entertainment clearly resonated with their marketing peers. We should see an increase in custom video creation, content integration and syndication if CES chatter is any indicator. 

5. Social what?

FBX seems to have transformed social into an ad distribution tool. The noise around amassing Likes and building out Fan pages seems to have reduced to a hum, while finding ways to integrate the social network’s ad platform into cross-web campaigns has become a digital media staple. 

Ned Brody
CEO, Group
Twitter: @NedBrody


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