Case studies

It ain’t bragging if you can back it up

Saying it and doing it are two different things. And in this business, we’d be surprised if you weren’t protected by a thick hide of skepticism. So here’s the proof that we mean what we say – case studies, and plenty of them.

For advertisers

New Attribution Model

See how worked with a leading tax client to adapt a new attribution model into AdLearn resulting in an 18% growth in digital filings in 2012.

Billion Block

In order to take advantage of the huge spikes in online traffic seen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, utilized a Billion Block to add 495% more conversions to a telecom provider's four day campaign.

Creative Leadback

Using creative leadback off the AOL homepage, a floral company saw an ROI of $2.32 and a conversion rate of 34%.

Cross-platform Optimization boosts CTR by 6x for a leading telecom provider with a billion block optimized across smartphones, tablets and display.

Shopper Loyalty + Netblock

With the use of a NetBlock and Shopper Loyalty targeting, a leading toothpaste client witnessed an increased ROI of $3.20.

Super Channels

A major paper products producer was looking to drive large-scale awareness of their new product line.

Intuit was able to double the CTR, increase the conversion rate 8x and delivered 18x higher conversion metrics for TurboTax’s annual campaign.


Leading global financial services company lowers CPC by 48% and drives awareness of a new payment tool with's Sponsored Listings.

Online Retailer

A major online retailer sought to drive sales by putting behavioral targeting, CPA and revenue sharing campaign in play.

Lodging Partner

Check out how's Dynamic Ads increased conversions by 29% for this major lodging partner.

For publishers

ooVoo used multiple techniques to help ooVoo monetize their rapidly growing service, and ultimately increase their eCPM by 60%.


A private-label solution drove a 400% increase in sponsored listings revenue for the well-known employment site.

Leading News Outlet used multiple techniques to help a leading online news outlet increase CPM rates while reducing price fluctuation.

Online Reference Publisher

By altering the existing account and adding new inventory units, helped redefine the publisher's growth prospects.