Ad serving

The power of “Keep it simple”

Increasing your market share can be incredibly complicated. Managing your ad campaign doesn’t need to be.

150 billion ad impressions per month worldwide

AOL Advertising’s ad serving platform, ADTECH, makes it easy to manage campaigns across multiple platforms, including display, video and mobile. Whether you’re a web publisher, ad network, agency or advertiser, you’ll find an integrated solution that’s right for you.

That’s because ADTECH was designed with you in mind. The user interface is clear and intuitive. Planning, trafficking and report analysis are always only a few clicks away. You can access all of your performance data in real time, in one place. And ADTECH’s system stability, unparalleled uptime and strict data privacy ensure that you spend less time troubleshooting, and more time getting results.

To learn more about ADTECH’s solutions for ad management, serving and reporting, visit us here.